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Egypt Ice Hockey Featured on TSN ( The Sports Network)

April 25, 2017

Egyptian hockey team posts one of the most unique hockey photos ever with “The Travelling Goalie”

BarDown Staff

Egyptian Ice Hockey Team , Instagram/EgyptianIceHockey

With last year’s inaugural African Ice Hockey Cup, teams in Africa are starting to take training more seriously.

One of those teams is the Egypitian squad, Cairo Anubis – which would basically be Egypt’s national team if not for some IIHF regulations. The second African Ice Hockey Cup has yet to be announced, but in an interview with’s Steven Ellis, a key member of the Egypt Ice Hockey Board suggested that they were hoping to have another one.

Regardless of whether or not that event takes place, Egyptian Ice Hockey is going to continue to try and grow. If it does, picture like this one posted to their social media might not be so unique for long.

For now, this is the only photo we can find of someone dressed in full goalie gear in front of the Egyptian Pyramids.

We can’t imagine how hot that goalie is right now.

That goalie is Adrian Mizzi, a man that goes by the nickname “The Travelling Goalie”. He keeps a blog about all of the different places he plays in net and apparently Egypt is number 36 on the list.

Part of the reason that Mizzi went to Egypt was to help grow the game at the grass roots level and even spoke about getting a young girl who was playing without gloves some more equipment, but the higher level players are still training in more developed facilities.

According to Sameh Ramadan, the Egyptian Hockey Board Member mentioned above, the team practices in Cairo, New Jersey and is hoping to start a base in Montreal as well.

We hope they continue to grow and we continue to see unusual photos like this one that can really show the growth of the game.

They’re already represented in the Hockey Hall of Fame, maybe the photo above should be added too.

(H/T to Reddit)

June 18, 2016:

Check out Egypt's awesome hockey federation logo and jerseys

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jun. 18, 2016 10:33 PM

As the game of hockey continues to grow worldwide, you can expect to see a number of new federations formed as countries begin to take part in the sport on the international stage. You may not think of Egypt as a hockey playing nation, but with one look at their federation's logo and jerseys, you'll be excited at the idea of their squad traveling over to play Canada in an international game. We most certainly love looking at new logo designs, and we must say we're big fans of the Egypt's emblem.

A pharaoh wearing a hockey mask? Doesn't get much cooler than that. According to the blog website, National Ice Teams of Hockey, players in Egypt have been working since 2002 to make a national hockey federation a reality in the African country. While Egypt has a warm climate, some cities in the country do actually experience snowfall which has created "suitable hubs for winter sports," according to Eslam Seliman, the acting General Administrator of the Egyptian Ice Hockey Federation. Who knows, perhaps we're closer to seeing Egypt participate in hockey at the Winter Olympics than we think. (H/T: Reddit)

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